Monday, March 24, 2014

being the hands and feet for ONE

Being the hands and feet of Jesus is one of the craziest experiences one can ever do. The tasks can be small and some can seem impossible, yet the reward is immeasurable.Sometimes the task is a smile, holding a baby so a tired momma can sit in service to worship, being a listening ear for a few hours over coffee, taking food to the homeless, or using the talents the Lord has given you to help those thousands of miles away. 

No. 41 is an organization who has been the ever present hands and feet of Jesus in Kenya Rwanda (like the silly person that I am, I originally had Kenya there. Too late of writing and Hope for Migori are to blame. I'll explain later about HFM.) The name literally means "for one," for one child for one meal for one year.The women of No. 41 make beautiful handmade bags that work to provide meals for school children for a whole year and employing women with sustainable incomes. That original ONE became over 900 children and over 30 employed women, 19 of them attending the university. And it all has stolen my heart. 

I first heard about the organization when I was blessed with a No.41 bag back in 2012, with a tiny tag that read "Fanny" in penciled handwriting. It became personal for me at that moment, I felt that a bond had been made. Hands thousands of miles away had crafted this bag, all by the glory of God, for me. I couldn't see her face, but I knew in my heart this woman, Fanny, was a world changer and No.41 had began that process. Since then, No.41 has grown leaps and bounds and faces with names have appeared. Still, I have that tiny blue tag hanging on my wall as a reminder to be active and alive- serving the Kingdom. 

On April 1st (4/1...get it?), the organization is hosting the second annual 41 Day of fasting and fundraising annnnnnnnd we have the opportunity to partner with them to stand up for ONE more. 

I happen to be a full time college student without a part time job, so every year I try to find a way to still support and this year the Lord placed it on my heart to go big. 

She Felt Lovely (my instagram shop) will be selling special No. 41 headbands along with other headbands from now until April 1st at the cost that will feed a child for a month, with all proceeds going to No.41. So follow the shop and look around to be apart of filling a child's belly!

You can also purchase a bag or a t-shirt from No.41 to donate even further!

No.41 headbands for dayssss.

I pledge to stand up for ONE. How about you? Will you join this fight for full bellies and empowered women? 

I am so excited to see what the Lord continues to do through No.41 and those who work to be the active hands and feet of Jesus! 

Learn more about No.41 here or watch the video below. 

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